AFS Student Casting Competitions, Materials United at Michigan Technological University

Sponsored by MTU Department of Materials Science and Engineering

The "3 Ring Circus"AFS Casting Competitions

 Every year Materials United, as the Michigan Tech Student Chapter of AFS, participates in casting competitions sponsored by various AFS chapters. Students design and model castings, and cast them in Michigan Tech's very own foundry. Any member is welcome to participate, regardless of foundry experience. This is a great opportunity to learn about metal casting in a hands-on project!

So far, there have been two competitions announced that we plan to participate in this year. The first is the 2015 AFS-Wisconsin Regional
Casting Contest. This contest allows castings of any size, in any metal, provided that all work is done on campus by AFS student members.

The second competition is the first ever AFS Student Additive Manufacturing Technology Casting Design Contest. From the contest announcement:

"This competition is intended to highlight undergraduate projects utilizing Additive Manufacturing technologies and is open only to undergraduates. The submissions will be judged prior to the annual AFS Metalcasting Congress.  Submissions will be judged for complexity of the casting design, technical merit, and best use Additive Manufacturing technologies by a panel of metalcasting experts.  Team efforts are encouraged. Two winning projects will be selected from those castings created using 3D sand core and/or mold printing and two from those submitted using other AM technologies, like 3D printing of a mold and/or core box or printing a pattern for investment casting . You are also at liberty to mix Additive Manufacturing approaches and hybrid approaches that use conventional subtractive with additive."

For more information on either of these contests, contact our Vice President for AFS, Chris Pflug (