Sponsors, Materials United at Michigan Technological University

Sponsored by MTU Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Materials United Sponsors

We are currently seeking industrial partners to help support Materials United activities!   Partnering with Materials United include direct exposure to student members, as well as representation through chapter publications.  Any company sponsoring Materials United will have their biography presented at a general meeting to give students exposure to the companies, and their logo will appear here on the website. 


Past Sponsors

These organizations have been wonderful to Materials United students in the past, and we recognize them here.  Many of these folks are looking for new ways to get materials students excited about their industries, for ways to give back to organziations that have been good to them, or are awesome and have supported us "just because."  Thank you!

Walker Forge - 11/12 Plant Trip

In November 2012 Walker Forge in conjunction with the forging foundation Hosted a Plant Tour at their Clintonville, WI location. Twelve Undergraduate students and 1 graduate student were able to attend the tour.  Thank you Walker Forge!

 Materials United at the Walker Forge

Website: http://www.walkerforge.com/ 

Michigan Tech Parents Fund - Support for MS&T Conference Travel

In order to help support the costs of bringing 11 undergraduate students to MS&T’12 in Pittsburg, PA, the Michigan Tech Parents fund graciously agreed to cover the $125 registration fee for all 11 students.  Thank you Parents Fund!

Website: http://www.mtu.edu/compass/parent/fund/

ArcelorMittal - Funds for a Plant Tour

ArcelorMittal donated funds to Materials United in 2011 to be used for a Steel Mill Plant tour.  Because MS&T’11 in Columbus ohio offered an AIST sponsored tour of an ArcelorMittal Galvanizing line Michigan Tech we were able to use the funds for helping 10 Michigan Tech undergraduate students attend MS&T and this Arcelor Tour which gave many of our students a better understanding of what an engineers job in the Steel Industry would be.  Thank you ArcelorMittal!

 Materials United on the Arcelor tour

Website: http://www.arcelormittal.com/corp/